A nourishing gift for the expectant or new mother,  to promote mindfullness and relaxation as well as Mum and Bub bonding.


Bootie Balm soothes nappy rash while protecting and nourishing baby’s skin, while Boobie Balm provides relief for tender nipples.


Boobie Balm

A soothing, all-purpose natural nipple balm for breastfeeding and dry skin. Boobie Balm provides much needed relief for sore, overworked boobies. Contains the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of calendula, along with the protective and nourishing care of beeswax. See more


Bootie Balm

Soothes nappy rash while providing gentle protection and repair for baby's skin. Bootie Balm contains herbal extracts traditionally used to soothe rashes, calm inflamed skin and fight bacteria. Beeswax forms a thin protective barrier on the skin to help prevent and soothe nappy rash. See more


Pregnancy + baby friendly.

Patch test on a small area on the inside of the arm first.

Being Mother + Baby Gift Pack


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